Fri frakt och fria returer



Following the first blog post in this series I have spent the last few days considering the imminent death of gallerist or at least the death of the physical gallery. It became clear that some recent research from the current new breed of art industry players and new future faces was required to support the contemporary online trends. If the traditional gallery is slowly becoming obsolete and the online gallery and auction house platforms are becoming more dominant, is the need for a gallery, rather like the need for the high street, dying out? Possibly galleries are morphing into the new cross platform omni-channel world supported by most luxury goods in the marketplace, a multilayered marketing experience merging the online world with the offline experience. Surely buying a work of art is different from buying a Gucci handbag or a Louis Poulsen designer lamp? Or possibly not?

I have chosen to explore two interesting players on the Instagram space who having been making significant waves on the online world of art over the past few years, the Unit London and PAINTGUIDE™.

is currently London’s leading artist-led gallery space. It was established in 2013 by millennial art dealers Jonny Burt and Joe Kennedy whose Instagram bio claims they are Championing the world’s most gifted artists and they currently boast 310,000 active followers. They have made a name for themselves and their gallery, Unit London, by harnessing the attention of today’s device-addicted art lovers.